Secretary Message

Dest from the Secretary

Swami Vivekananda said that “The education which does not help the common mass of the people to equip themselves for the struggles of life which does not bring out Strength of Character, Sprit of philanthropy and the courage of lion – is it worth its name? Real education is that which enables one to stand on one’s own Legs”, it meant that education should enable one to stand on one’s own legs not only in terms of materialistic needs but by spiritual and human needs also. A combination of these two will be beneficial to mankind. So we should strive to evolve a sound education. The progress of Science and Technology is such that there is no alternative to peace because a war by Nuclear arms will annihilate the whole humanity. Hence the importance of value oriented education needs no special emphasis but rather a necessity and the rivalries arising out of anger, greed, jealousy and hatred must be replaced by love, respect, tolerance and service. Wars are fought basically in the minds of men and therefore defence of peace must also built in the minds of men. The means to do this can be provided by education.
The right kind of victories in the struggle to achieve peace are more glorious and abiding than victories obtained on the battle field.

This simple truth must be engraved in the human mind through education at all levels.

So my message to all is to give serious thought to these eternal values so that we may achieve everlasting peace and fulfilment regardless of our caste, creeds or status.

Let our ideas and hard work be the guiding principles of all that we wish to achieve. Let this be the guiding force behind our students so that they may be installed with the virtues of wisdom, Honesty, intelligence and uprightness so that though our work we may bring success, fulfilment and peace not only to our State but also to our Nation and its people.