About Our College

            St. Paul’s College, Ranchi is one of the premier Colleges of the state of Jharkhand. The College is established by the Diocese of Chotanagpur, Church of North India on 9th March’ 1980 to provide liberal education pervaded by the universal principles of Spiritual and Moral values up to the degree level cum Vocational Courses primarily for those professing the Christian faith, however the College is also same to all other irrespective of Color, Caste and Creed.  


This being a College which has been established and administered by the Christian Religions Minority comes within the preview of Article 30(i) of the Constitution of India.


Being a Christian Religious Minority Educational Institutional no Act of corporate worship other than Christian Worship within the College Building and Campus including the College Hostel.

Being distinctly Christian in character the College seeks both by its whole influence and definite teaching to realize and share with all who joins it in the fullest life, which we believe God gives us through Jesus Christ our lord and savior and to produce intellectually sound morally upright socially concerned and spiritually oriented young men and women who would be of service of the wider community and to the nation.


The College is very much aware that the dimensions and quality of education keeps on changing with time and quality cannot be assessed by a single yard stick rather it can be monitored through the change in national and global trends in teaching and research. It is important for any center of higher education to know that true service lies in imparting education including moral values and motivating young minds towards research for the future not only for our country but for the entire world.


The College is run by the Governing Body, which comprises eminent educationist and citizens. The Bishop of Chotanagpur is the ex-officio chairman of the College.


The College is Co-Educational and has little over 8000 students at present. College is affiliated to the Ranchi University, Ranchi in Arts, Science and Commerce stream as well as Vocational courses such as B.B.A. and B.C.A.

Teaching – Learning & Evaluation

Teaching –Learning activity of the College is organized with meticulous planning. The structured outline of the teaching plan is drafted by the members of I.Q.A.C.[ Internal Quality Assurance Cell] and head of Departments, presided over by the Principal.

At the commencement of the session all faculties are briefed about the terms and activities to be accomplished as per approved plan, which are further percholated among students at large, emphasizing each class of every program viz Arts, Science and Commerce. Academic calendar is prepared for the year and are displayed on dedicated notice board and College website. Periodic meetings with HOD’s and Principal are held to assess the progress and then necessary modifications in the strategy, if at all required is incorporated thereby.

Further, HOD’s conduct meetings with their colleagues to discuss the time-table and topics allotted for the entire term. Teachers are provided adequate time to ponder and plan their classes and also to prepare lecture notes for selected topics for the optimum benefits to the students.

Learner centric teaching methods such as Group Work, Role play, Project work, field visit, industrial visit, case study, debates, seminars and presentations are employed to make teaching and learning more effective and meaningful. The College management is extremely proactive and encourages professional development.

A highly efficient mechanism for evaluation exists in College. Students are offered to ask doubts, if any after each class and are instantaneously clarified by the teachers to make them understand. The entire evaluation process is subdivided into (i) class room evaluation, internal periodic tests and assignments. (ii) Evaluation prescribed by the University on final exam pattern. Regular assessment of students understanding to the subjects is done by conducting monthly/periodical tests, assignments and quizzes. The assessed papers are given back to the students with proper remarks for improvement.

The College management thereafter appreciates publicly the performers and motivates those who lag behind the line. Special care and all kinds of need based support is provided to such students.

The College nurtures critical thinking, creativity and scientific temper among the students to transform them into life-long learners and innovators.

Student Support And Progression

The College is located at the heart of Ranchi city. Students come to College form various interior areas. Once admitted in the College the students are taken care of by providing various facilities. Updated prospected published by the institution highlights the facilities, sports activities, scholarship etc.

Vocational courses have also been provided for the students. The students are encouraged to participate in different technical and other curricular events held in the campus from time to time. The students learn and work on various projects which creates excellent academic environment outside the classroom. The students are participating on international and national games too. Many students of this College are in the field of higher education. Students of this College have also successfully competed in various competitive examinations and in Govt. services and in the field of fine arts and mass communication. Many have become successful in business and in their political field.

Every year College organize excursion tour and cultural programme. In this programme students participate and gain more knowledge.

Curricular Aspects

Our College is affiliated to Ranchi University, Ranchi and follows the syllabus (CBCS) Choice Based Credit System prescribed by the University. Although choice based credit system (CBCS) is under consideration for promoting academic excellence in the area of student Choice.

The College offers a 3 Year (6 Semester) of Undergraduate Course in Science Arts and Commerce stream and also vocational courses in B.B.A. and B.C.A. The College is committed to provide the best quality education to the students particularly for tribal students who are below poverty line, weak and downtrodden. BPL and Minority students are given special attention. they are being provided with all types of facilities regarding education and financial requirements. The main focus is on the attributes and on overall development of the students so that after taking all necessary education the students will display multiple skills and qualities, the increases the employment opportunity. higher education makes students self-dependent and send their lives in whatever manner they want. faculty members their competence and update their knowledge by organizing and participating in Conference, Workshops and Research.

Many department conduct Workshops and Seminars where College Faculty gets opportunity to discuss curriculum revision. Many faculty members are working on Research and some members are completed. they have published a number of research papers in national and International Journals, Books etc. all the information they flash the notice-board. Our institution has taken proactive steps enrichment curriculum by providing the students a wide range of co-curricular and extra activities.
Greenery of the College Campus has been given prime importance. From time to time social responsibility work is also done by the College. Excellence in every process and undertaking many other things, it specializes in research with Social relevance. Man-Women ratio is almost equal in the matter of participation in all College activities. The College has an arrangement of library which has facility of reading a lot of books as well journals like social journals, subject wise journal etc. the facility of e-library system is currently under process.

These valuable statements promotes academic and personal skills to ensure meaningful and dignified living.

Infrastructure And Learning Recourses

The College is located at the heart of the city with a campus of 8.61 acres of land. Infrastructure facilities are regularly upgraded keeping in mind the requirements of the students. At present the College has 36 Classrooms out of which 20 classrooms are large in size with capacity of more than 100 students. 15 classrooms are smaller and can accommodate upto 60 students. There are 3 departments well-furnished staff rooms and a seminar hall to.

College also has two computer labs equipped with around 60 computers, UPS, Internet and other facilities and 7have separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Geography and Anthropology. There is a Central library stocked with text books, reference books, magazines and journals arranged in separate shelves and almirahs to facilitate easy access.

the campus also has infrastructure like girls hostel, Canteen, Playgrounds, a branch of Bank of India and separate washrooms for Faculties, Male and Female students. The building has full back up power supply in the form of generator. Every floor has a notice board in order to cater the need of circulating information. There are other facilities such as cool and clean drinking water and separate parking shed for staffs as well as students. College Campus is also well equipped with CCTV cameras. Special arrangements are made for differently abled students. Under IQAC College has appointed Committee for infrastructure and learning resources involving senior staffs in the committee. The College ensures that there is adequate physical infrastructure for smooth running of the present courses and is planning to expand the physical infrastructure required for the introduction of the new classes.



  1. The College has a history of 41 years established by the Parent Institution Diocese of Chotanagpur, Church of North India with the objective of providing quality education to dispossessed section of the Society.
  2. The College is situated at the heart of the city which enables the students and staffs to commute conveniently.
  3. Dedicated and Efficient faculty Members.
  4. Affiliated for U.G. and Vocational Courses.
  5. More than 2000 graduation degree are awarded per year.
  6. Healthy and peaceful relationship between management, staffs and students.
  7. CCTV cameras are installed all over the campus.
  8. Computer lab is equipped with around 60 computers.
  9. Hostel Accommodation for girl’s students and staff quarters.
  10. ______ % of staffs are women’s.

  1. Inadequate members of Permanent Teachers.
  2. High student teacher ratio.
  3. Not yet affiliated for P.G. Courses.
  4. Insufficient Non Teaching Staffs.
  5. Many of the faculties and staff members are not proficient in the use of technology especially computers.
  6. Lack of Research facility.

  1. Stipulated in the heart of the City the institution enjoys the location advantage of attracting better students. in the last 5 years both the demographic and academic profiles of students have improved.
  2. Offering relevant courses in Certificate Programmes.
  3. Organising Faculty Development Programmes / Workshops to enhance the efficiency of the faculties.
  4. To train and prepare the students for good employment.
  5. To make best use of limited infrastructure.
  6. Overall development of the students through maximum student participation in teaching-learning process.

  1. Strengthening Student counseling specially for girls students.
  2. Hiring qualified faculties to overcome student teacher ratio.
  3. Lack of funds as it is a Self-financing institution.
  4. Adopting modern technologies to enhance the quality of education.
  5. Infrastructural development to provide better education and sports facilities to the students.